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About Me

Writer. Director. Creative Director. 
Justin Herber is a director, creative director and screenwriter with over a decade of experience in storytelling for brands, television, and film. With a background in fine art, photography, and film-making, Justin marries a sharp eye with a deep understanding of story to create memorable and meaningful works across a variety of mediums and platforms. 

From traveling the world and shooting in over 40 countries, scaling nine 14,000-foot peaks, residing in a firehouse, and working for TOMS and National Geographic, Justin has lived in a way that creates limitless opportunities to tell new tales.  Relying heavily on personal experience to inform his storytelling, each project is an opportunity for Justin to evoke emotional responses and forged from shared human experience. 

Justin has co-written and created multiple television series for various networks and studios including Mario Puzo’s final novel, Omertà with The Weinstein Company, an undercover Wall Street thriller at USA, and an adaptation of a celebrated crime novel for The Mark Gordon Company. 


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